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Wat we Want

Do we want you?

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Are you wat we want??

Hey, I'm Cath....

Are you what we want?

We want girls and guys who are truly great.
Even those rejected by beauty communities.
Those who go unnoticed.
I often do.

Although, there are people who have hurt me who I don't want here. Ever.
But if you're reading this, you probably aren't one.

Here's the deal...

I, estoyaqui_, am the Maintainer and Moderator.
hugorune and pulling_teeth are my other two Mods.

Unlike my other community, truebeauties, you can be rejected here. I'm sorry. But that's the way it is.

Knowing us, rejections will only be to what we see fair. What we want, fo sho?

So tell your friends and stop by and apply, my loves. I'm swearing to you, you've never seen an app quite like this. <3333


1. Nickname?
2. DOB?
3. Starsign?
4. Languages?
5. How many communities are you in?
6. Rejections?
7. Acceptances?
8. Status?
9. Hair colour?

12. Drink.
13. Band.
14. Soloist.
15. Colour.
16. LJ user.
17. Outfit.
18. Scent.
19. Animal.
20. Element.

+ a reason why....
21. You applied because?
22. You think you are what we want because?
23. We can trust you because?
24. You can make us smile because?

opinions on....+++
25. Opinions
26. <3
27. Sex
28. Porn
29. War
30. Do you think you are someone that our info indicates we dont want?
31. How did you find us?

At least 5 pictures.

So yeah, obviously you apply, preferable under a LJ cut, with clear pics, if you please.

These are the Accepted Banners...

The rejected banner...

The BANNED banner... (if an applicant or member besides a mod or maintainer gets too mean to handle...)

So JOIN! And when we ask you to promote, promote with this pic, if ya want.

{ http://img19.photobucket.com/albums/v56/aussiegirl/darkangel-new.jpg }

Or, just link it.

Thanks, .